Jeep Bikini Top: A Cool and Sexy Twist for the Macho of The Road

One of the top reasons why people choose to own a Jeep Wrangler is the feel of adventure and freedom it gives. If you own one, I bet you also love driving around feeling the wind in your hair, and there’s no better time to enjoy all these than summer. But going all topless exposes you to unnecessary risks. The major factor you should consider is the harmful rays of the sun. Exposure to direct sunlight can damage your skin or cause heat stroke. And what will you do in case of a sudden rain shower? It doesn’t mean though that you should waste a perfectly good summer and forgo all the jeep fun that goes with it. All you need is a bikini top jeep. If you want to enjoy the treat and thrills of going topless while giving you protection, it’s time you find a good jeep bikini top.


Different Designs and Styles Available for a Jeep Bikini Top

Jeep bikini tops come in different designs and styles. Here’s a brief overview to help you figure out what seems best for your vehicle:

Different Designs and Styles of Jeep Bikini Top

Traditional bikini tops. These tops can be tied down through their straps. They only cover the driver and front passenger seat.

Strapless bikini tops. There are no straps to tie these down with; instead, they are attached to the front sport bar, making them look neat. They only cover the driver and front passenger seat.

Header bikini tops. These are attached to the windshield using a special windshield channel. These windshield channels are sold separately. They only cover the driver and front passenger seat.

Safari bikini tops. If you’re looking to cover including the back passenger seats and gear, this is the bikini top for jeep that’s right for you.

Mesh tops.  As the name suggests, these are made of mesh material. They could give you protection while letting in breeze.

Sunlighter bikini top. This is made of a special semi-transparent fabric. It can allow sunlight in, without leaving you sun burned. And, it’s water-resistant.


Mesh Jeep Bikini Top

One of the features that set jeeps apart from other vehicles is its flexibility. Another article on this site provides an in-depth discussion of why a Jeep Wrangler hardtop is  one of the best off-road vehicles. It allows owners to change some things according to their preference or need. Like yourself, you can dress up your jeep. One way you can customize them is through changing their tops or opting for none. Hardtops offer durability and total protection for you and your vehicle but removing and putting it back often requires a Jeep hardtop hoist which can be quite expensive as discussed here. Moreover,  if you’re looking for fun, laid-back and sexy look, you are better off with a Jeep bikini top. Go to the beach with a mesh bikini top. Go on a country road drive with a header bikini top. Or put on a safari bikini top and take your friends on a picnic by the lake. However, before you go on any trip, it will help to read this guide on how to install a bikini top.

Summer is the best time for outdoor activities. Enjoy the versatility of your jeep this season with the many Jeep bikini top for Jeep Wrangler options.  Whatever top you choose, the goal is to maximize your jeep experience.